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Friday, April 30, 2010

Penélope Cruz

Penélope Cruz was born on April 28th. The same date as Jessica Alba. Am I the only one thinking national holiday?

While Miss Cruz's top grossing role to date was as an animated Guinea Pig in G-Force (and another thing why isn't Guinea Pig considered politically incorrect like Jew Fish or Pole cat), that wasn't her first role here in America.

Cruz's first film was Jamón, jamón (still unavailable on Netflix) She also starred in Open Your Eyes which was remade into Vanilla Sky. She has also appeared in the Hi-Lo Country, The Girl of Your Dreams, Woman on Top, Blow, Waking Up in Reno, Gothika, Noel, Sahara, and Nine.

For Volver she was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar and with Vicky Christina Barcelona she won both prizes.

Penelope Cruz Antonie

Penelope Cruz Hendrik

Penelope Cruz Keyshia

Penelope Cruz Never
"Never Let Sandy Dogs Sleep"

Highlights from Non ti muovere ( Don't Move). Is Penolope Cruz Topless? Does the sun rise in the east?

Penelope Cruz and Ben Kingsley in Elegy. Includes a great scene of Penelope Cruz sitting topless on a couch wearing blue jeans.

Call me ageist, call me the devil but I find Ben Kinsley's bald head kissing Penelope Cruz's breasts falls on the wrong side of icky in this clip.

Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz have a conversation in bed in the movie Elegy followed by Penelope putting on a white bra that accents her copious cleavage.

Clips from Cruz's first film Jamon Jamon. Inclusding sex on an abonded couch, walking throug a torrenial downpore to a visdeo arcade and sex with the blue filter on.

This Jamon Jamon clip starts with the quote "can I eat your tit" . It is pretty much gold from then on out since Cruz says yes. One in the audiance can only wonder why her co-star Armando del Río perfers the taste of potato omlettes to Miss Cruz's breasts.

Penelope Cruz kissing Martin Freeman in The Good Night

Penelope Cruz rests by the pool in a black one piece and then three Penelope Cruzs (Cruzes?) kiss Martin Freeman in this short clip from The Good Night.

I'm not saying Penelope Cruz cannot dance ala Elaine from Seinfeld but well you be the judge.

Only Penelope Cruz could wear a business outfit and show that much cleavage.

Penelope Cruz looking gorgeous and naked in Open Your Eyes.

Penelope Cruz doing a somewhat unattractive (at least for her) striptease in Chromophobia.

Penelpe Cruz takes a bath and shows no nudity. Above she did a striptease and showed no nudity. I'm thinking Chromophobia's writer/director Martha Fiennes (sister of Joseph and Ralph Fiennes) doesn't know how to properly use Miss Cruz.

Historical scene with painter painting a topless Penelope Cruz. It may be from the movie The Girl of Your Dreams but alas it may not. (turns out it is Volavérunt)

Now this is how you do a bath scene with Penelope Cruz.

Evil Nazi has sex with Penelope Cruz at gunpoint in The girl of your dreams (as opposed to Good Nazi I suppose)

Vicky Cristina Barcelona clips with Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson, and Patricia Clarkson. Penolope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson make out at the end.

Penelope Cruz keeps her towel on and argues in subtitles in Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Penelope Cruz paints in the world's sexiest painter smock.

Penelope Cruz plays hard to get in Volaverunt

Penelope Cruz's breasts and a historical corset in an epic battle in Volaverunt.

I know I showed part of this clip above, but the lesbian kiss between Penélope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson bears repeating.

Scarlett Johansson talking over a Woody Allen voice over (it's either in the movie or directors commentary I honestly can't tell) with a unhappy looking Penélope Cruz popping into frame at the end.

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Barbara Crampton

Barbara Crampton is the daughter of a carny. She was a popular Scream Queen in the Eighties within appearances in From Beyond, Puppet Master and a personal favorite Chopping Mall.

She moved on to becoming a soap star playing Leanna 'Love' Randolph in The Young and the Restless.

I consider her (despite her limited roles) to be one of the better horror actresses of the eighties.

She undoubtedly will always be best remembered as the receiver of decapitated cunnilingus in Re-Animator.

Barbara Crampton Adelbert From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Adolfas From Beyond
"Adolfas Bar"

Barbara Crampton All From Beyond

Barbara Crampton American From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Bernuy From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Big From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Donald From Beyond Bondage
"Bondage Painting Bondage Girl"

Barbara Crampton Bullwinkle From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Dolphin From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Eats From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Fumio From Beyond
"Fumio Glowing Bondage Girl"

Barbara Crampton Gotō From Beyond Bondage
"Gotō Black and White Bondage Girl"

Barbara Crampton Great From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Howe From Beyond

From Beyond Jimmy Barbara Crampton Jeffrey Combs

Barbara Crampton Kline From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Lan From Beyond Bondage
"Lan of the Cleavage with Bondage girl (and yes I meant Lan)"

Barbara Crampton Martyrs From Beyond
"Martyrs "

Barbara Crampton Matthew From Beyond
"Matthew verse 12 book of Scooby Doo"

Barbara Crampton Mbu From Beyond
"Mbu Blood"

Barbara Crampton Mister From Beyond Bondage
"Mister or Mistress"

Barbara Crampton Monument From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Political From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Public From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Regal From Beyond

From Beyond Regional Barbara Crampton Jeffrey Combs Ken Foree

Barbara Crampton Retalix From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Rocky From Beyond Bondage
"Rocky vs Miss Bondage"

Barbara Crampton Sandwich From Beyond

Barbara Crampton School From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Senior From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Riley
"She Blinded me with Science"

From Beyond Carter Barbara Crampton Ted Sorel Topless
"Slime Breast"

From Beyond Heliamphora Barbara Crampton Jeffrey Combs
"Somnophilia Bondage Rape"

Barbara Crampton States From Beyond
"States of Lust"

Barbara Crampton Tamerville From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Theatre From Beyond Bondage
"Theatre of Sex"

Barbara Crampton Večerskis From Beyond

Barbara Crampton WAMX From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Welch From Beyond

Barbara Crampton Zenana From Beyond Bondage

Quick Crampton cameo in Body Double as what appears to be the cheating girlfriend enjoying a nice romp.

This movie is both know as Thy Neighbor's Wife and Poison and after watching the scene above as well as watching related similar scenes with co-stars Kari Wuhrer and Melissa Stone I am quite frustrated this isn't available on Netflix.

Barbara Crampton enjoys a roll in the hay in Re-Animator before being interrupted by her boyfriend's black cat. My cat does the exact same thing whenever I have a hot twenty something blond over now I think about it.

Barbara Crampton is dead or is she? Time for the day-glo green syringe and a sequel

Here it is the best scene for last from Re-Animator the famous head giving head scene. But seriously the whole film is great go see it.

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