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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Elizabeth Berridge... Breast Displacement

Elizabeth Berridge is best known for her work on Amadeus. She also appeared on "The John Larroquette Show". Now I do not recall her on the show but she appeared in 84 episodes so she was there somewhere. I would not mind catching that show anyway to see if my memories of it are accurate. I would hate a repeat of the “Three's Company turned out to be stupid after all” fiasco.

Elizabeth Berridge A The Funhouse Topless
"7596 Nude"

Elizabeth Berridge C Amadeus
"Bossi Breast Amadeus"

Elizabeth Berridge B Amadeus
"Paulerspury Topless"

Elizabeth Berridge E The Funhouse

Elizabeth Berridge D Amadeus
"Umberto Cleavage"

Elizabeth Berridge may have given the weakest performance in Amadeus but at least she showed her true talent.

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