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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Krista Allen

Krista Allen has appeared in everything from the TV series Charmed to the latest Final Destination movie (In 3d no less). She is a decent actress and has some fine um assets.

She dated George Clooney for two years, She starred in 8 separate Emmanuel movies in one year. So why was she in such cheese as Silent Venom???? And why is she keeping her shirt on???? No explanation is forthcoming. In the meantime, let us enjoy a blast from the past.

Krista Allen 801 in the shower
"801 in the shower"

Silent Venom A
"Krista Allen meets with some Hollywood agents"

Krista Allen Auge

feast b
"Which is scarier in a bar? Hot Chick with shotgun or Judah Friedlander?"

Krista Allen Bill
"Bills not paid Krista Allen left topless in cold cave"

feast c
"Hooters waitress goes wild"

Silent Venom D
"Krista Allen... acting"

feast e
"If you stop staring at her breasts for a minute you may notice the blood"

Krista Allen Extreme Sexy
"Extreme Sexy"

Silent Venom F
"Coral Snake Necklace"

Krista Allen Gonneville
"Gonneville Crown"

Krista Allen Jockeys

Krista Allen List
"List of attributes"

Krista Allen McGowan
"McGowan Seventies"

Krista Allen Rock Nipple
"Rock Hard Nipple"

Krista Allen Slash Topless
"Slash Topless"

Krista Allen Trémoulet
"Trémoulet Sex"


Krista Allen having sex and letting the puppies breathe in Emmanuel World of Desire. Still no word on when her Emmanuel series will be on DVD or at the very least Netflix instant.

Krista Allen as the Oracle in Charmed

More Oracle action

I like the way Krista rubs herself when describing female vulnerability

Krista Allen gets down and naked in the mid nineties Burt Reynolds vehicle Raven

Krista Allen gets naked and makes tender love in a second Raven scene.

Krista Allen takes a shower in The Haunted Sea.

Aztecs sacrifice a buck naked Krista Allen in The Haunted Sea

Part two of the Aztec sacrifice. Man they simply don't have their shit together no wonder the Spanish wiped them out.

Krista Allen gets touched by a rose in Emmanuelle A Time to Dream

Krista Allen takes a surprisingly thorough shower in Emmanuelle A Time to Dream

Oh my god the bed is on fire... no really... Okay what stoner is running the dry ice machine. Is it the idiot who keeps playing the pan flute while these people are trying to have sex?

Long and fairly well done lovemaking scene featuring Krista Allen in Emmanuelle A Time to Dream

Krista Allen getting softcore in Emmanuelle Concealed Fantasy.

Krista Allen masturbates with a shower head in Emmanuelle Concealed Fantasy.

Krista Allen in another lengthy sex scene in Emmanuelle Concealed Fantasy with feathers and ferns.

Krista Allen combines taking a shower and having sex... I'm starting to think that these Emmanuelle films of hers are not exactly plot heavy.

Krista Allen in Emmanuelle Concealed Fantasy having sex with yet another nameless guy...

Krista Allen is back in the bathtub and this time she brought her loofah sponge. The woman has the cleanest breasts in filmdom.

Well you can't accuse Emmanuelle Concealed Fantasy for not having enough sex scenes, In fact I am begging to wonder if it has anything but.

Wine glasses a rug and an overhead camera spinning around Krista Allen's naked breasts.

I hear the voice of George Costanza's mother in my head "How many booby videos are you going to post?"

Whew final Emmanuelle Concealed Fantasy clip combining all the major themes of this movie the bathtub, the passionate sex with an unknown dude and close-ups of Krista Allen's breasts. If Joe Bob Briggs were to rate this film I honestly think he reach his counting limit before the movie ran out of breasts.

A little light bondage and Kristy Allen is ready for a new adventure called Emmanuelle One Final Fling which seems suspiciously like the other Emmanuelle films.

Krista Allen in Emmanuelle Queen of the Galaxy which is where the whole Emmanuelle in Space motif came from. So it is just like the other Emmanuelle films complete with the going in a circle camera work except there are neon tubes and a feminine computer voice keeps saying "Captain internal pressure still rising" which is a double entendre one supposes.

Krista Allen masturbating topless on a red leather couch in Emmanuelle A World of Desire.

Here is young Krista Allen with a little girl voice and partially clothed just hinting at her breasts with her white shirt on. I find this scene from Emmanuelle A World of Desire sexier in some ways from the more obvious nude scenes.

Krista Allen and Claire St Patrick play topless around the Venus De Milo in Emmanuelle A World of Desire.

Krista Allen and Tami Simsek in a French Maid outfit get a little lesbian in Emmanuelle A World of Desire.

Krista Allen and Debra Beatty make love in bra and panties in Emmanuelle A World of Desire

Krista Allen and Debra Beatty have a menage a trois in Emmanuelle A World of Desire. In reality it is a hilariously bad scene as the wrong girl fakes her orgasm.

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