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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Neus Asensi

Neus Asensi appeared in Arachnid. She and her two talents are also frequent guests in European men’s magazines. She has never really broken into the western market outside of the rare B-movie export.

Neus Asensi 6500 Killer Housewives Nip Slip
"6500 Killer Housewives Nip Slip"

Neus Asensi Mark Topless
"Mark Nipple"

Neus Asensi Stammers
"Stammers without Clothes"

Neus Asensi Timmermann Naked
"Timmermann Naked"

Neus Asensi Tom Bikini
"Tom Bikini"

Neus Asensi takes a bath while wearing her pearls in Locos Por el Sexo (Sex Crazy)

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