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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alexa Davalos... The Last Dancer

That Alexa Davalos dies in all her movies is a common lament. She dies in The Mist and she was in Angel for three episodes and people die on Angel all the time. She was smoking hot in that ridiculous space opera Chronicles of Riddick. She also played Andromeda in Clash of the Titans remake. She has also appeared in Feast of Love (where she did a lesbian scene with one of my favorite actresses Radha Mitchell) as well as a lead role in Defiance.

Alexa Davalos 1911 Defiance
"1911 Defiance"

chronicles of riddick a
"A Prisoner of Love"

chronicles of riddick b
"B The Chain"

chronicles of riddick c
"C My Dirt"

chronicles of riddick e
"E Rise"

Alexa Davalos Liverpool Defiance
"Pink Liverpool Defiance"

Alexa Davalos Malice Defiance

Alexa Davalos SIO
"SIO Dancer"

Alexa Davalos Sycophantia Defiance

Some clips from Feast of Love including a lesbian scene with Radha Mitchell.

More video clips of Alexa Davalos from feast of love including some surprisingly graphic nudity. I may need to rent this film.

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