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Friday, May 7, 2010

Hayley DuMond

Hayley DuMond is best known as Keith Carradine's long time girlfriend. She was also tangentially involved with the scandal where Carradine's ex-wife Sandra Will Carradine hired and then fell in love with convicted LA Private investigator Anthony Pellicano. Sandra faced 10 years for perjury in the subsequent cover-up and then proceeded to turn informant against her former lover.

Hayley isn't nearly as scandalous as all that. Her choice in feature films (U.S. Seals,Raptor Island,Operation Delta Force 4: Deep Fault,Choker,Disturbance) though suggest either a limited acting range or a severe masochistic streak.

Raptor Island D
"Raptor Island operators are standing by."

Hayley DuMond A v. B plc
"Hayley DuMond A v. B plc"

Hayley DuMond Museo Nazionale
"Hayley DuMond Museo Nazionale"

Hayley DuMond Nagabharana
Hayley DuMond Nagabharana"

Hayley DuMond Spirit of '76
"Hayley DuMond Spirit of '76"

Hayley DuMond Welwyn
"Hayley DuMond Welwyn"

Hayley DuMond Nude at the Winfield House
"Hayley DuMond Nude at the Winfield House"

Is Hayley DuMond the nude girl diving or is she the one with the gun or are they the same person. Needless to say, the foreign dubbing doesn't help either my or Keith Carradine's confusion.

Nice erotic scene with Hayley DuMond and Keith Carradine having sex next to a campfire in The Hunters Moon.

Now they are having sex under a waterfall. Which in reality means it is slimy, rocky and the water is cold. This ranks right up there with those endless sex on the stairs scenes Hollywood keeps trying to pull. Get a room you two. Oh and for such a short clip the music still makes me want to jab my ears with a fork.

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