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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Holly Eglington

Holly Eglington plays a stripper in Driven to Kill. One of the photos down below is from the movie The Long Weekend where she plays a stripper... Hmmm lets check her IMDB resume...obviously she is in danger of being typecast here.... whew I see she was on Battlestar Galactica a completely different kind of program... where she played a stripper. Nevermind...

In all fairness to Holly in the Steven Seagal thriller Kill Switch she does not play a stripper... She plays a prostitute.

Holly Eglinton Babs
"Babs Tiger Bikini"

Holly Eglinton C
"C Smile"

Holly Eglinton Crowley The Long Weekend Topless Nude
"The Long Weekend Topless stripper with large... um... nose"

Holly Eglinton Drop Naked News Full Frontal Nudity
"Holly Eglinton Drop Naked News Full Frontal Nudity"

Holly Eglington Gino Topless Handstand
"Holly Eglington Gino Topless Handstand"

Holly Eglinton Noel

Holly Eglington entertaining Matthew Perry and Lynn Collins in Numb. She entertains them by stripping surprisingly enough. I starting to think that Eglington may be in a bit of a thespian rut here.

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