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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Willa Ford

Willa Ford is a multitalented actress and songstress originally from Ruskin, Florida. She has appeared on Dancing with the Stars and sang the song "Lullaby" from Pokémon: The First Movie.

She also Played Anna Nicole Smith in a telepic filmed in 2007.

Sexy and apparently a decent singer Willa Ford is still looking for that breakout role.

In addition, she had the best death scene by far in the Friday the 13th reboot. (If anyone considers revealing that the topless blond gets killed in a Friday the 13th movie a spoiler please check your meds.)

Willa Ford Centre Friday The 13th Dock of Breasts

Willa Ford Foster Friday The 13th Topless Wakeboarding

Willa Ford House Friday The 13th Topless Recreation

Willa Ford Maplelawn Topless on Tree

Willa Ford Noarlunga Friday The 13th

Willa Ford Payne Friday The 13th Per Nipples the water is cold

Willa Ford Razori Friday The 13th

Willa Ford William Friday The 13th

Willa Ford Williams Friday The 13th

Willa Ford Wakeboarding in the Friday the 13th remake. One of the better scenes from the film.

Ah drinking contests and strippers... then a quick trip to the champagne room to meet you future 86 year old husband. (Willa Ford in the TV biopic Anna Nicole)

I'm not sure I understand the fascination with Marilyn Monroe. To me it's a little like Elvis worship. (Which needless to say I also don't understand) But at least in Elvis's case he was top of his game for a long time. I have the feeling Monroe is much more famous postmortem.

I'm sure I said Willa Ford was a talented actress at some point. After watching this clip from Anna Nicole I may have to revisit my opinion.

The best death scene not just in the Friday the 13th remake but one of the contenders for best death scene in the whole series. (Here is my personal favorite from Friday the 13th 2)

Willa Ford goes all cosplay in Impulse. This scene also does prove the old adage for every beautiful woman there is a man who is tired of fucking her.

Willa Ford tries to masturbate with annoying husband haunting her subconscious in Impulse.

Not just does the man in the white jacket look a little like myself and certainly act a little like myself but indeed I have had a few experiences just like what is shown in this four minute clip. (assuming this scene doesn't turn into an early Cronenberg later on.)

Nice scene (with good acting all around) with Angus MacFadyen and Willa Ford not discussing the duck.

Willa Ford goes shopping and tries on clothes... hey I consider it entertainment.

Willa Ford sleeps with her husband... or does she (Dum Dum Dum).

Great Sex... Horrific Shirt.

I'm not saying Anna Nicole is a horrible movie but Netflix doesn't carry it. And you should see some of the films Netflix has. The scene above is troubling. They are clearly trying to copy Showgirls here with Leslie Kay in the Gina Gershen role. Any movie that uses that horrific drama (that Netflix actually lists as a cult comedy. I guess it is so bad it's good) as a template is on the train to Fiascoville with a stop at Bad Accent land. Movie House Commentary got an apparent bootleg copy and here is their take.

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