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Friday, June 25, 2010

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a superhero. (A modern version of a goddess).

She is a surprise Oscar winner (which many people forget that she won but everyone remembers she tongue kissed her brother)

She is a humanitarian and unlike many celebrities she really follows through on her beliefs.

In addition she is a tabloid favorite for actions that would bury a mere mortal.

Of course Angelina isn't a mere mortal. She is a Goddess,

Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow Andreas Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Ashleys

Angelina Jolie clevage
"Cleavage Dagger"

Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow Embirikos Angelina Jolie
"Embirikos "

Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow Gunnar Angelina Jolie
"Gunnar "

Angelina Jolie Ingólfr
"Ingolfr Nude Horse Love"

Angelina Jolie Militia
"Militia morning After"

Angelina Jolie Notodonta

Angelina Jolie Regiment

Angelina Jolie plays Gia the woman who lost her clothes. Joining her is an extremely cute Elizabeth Mitchell who also seems to have lost her clothes. In addition the movie Gia has the sexiest use of a chain link fence ever.

Angelina Jolie and Anne Archer (as her mom?) watch a porn movie together in Mojave Moon.

Beowulf reveals Angelina Jolie's true form (Her hair is a deadly tail). I have no doubt this is exactly what she is like in her off hours.

A very young Angelina Jolie shares a quite moment in Cyborg 2 a film with a distinct lack of quiet moments.

Quick shot from Foxfire. There is another scene with a bunch of teenage girls surrounded by candles and sitting in a circle topless. I'm not saying this scene is the only reason to sit through the slog of Foxfire (Okay yes I am)

Title screen for Gia which is like Showgirls but without the really bad acting and story.

Angelina Jolie scares a young man in Gia. As an aside she really does show both her acting chops and star power in this brief scene. The key to acting is of course to not let them see you pull the strings. The strings are certainly invisible in this scene.

Angelina Jolie apparently gets transported back to the fifties complete with black and white cinematography, leather jackets, and waa waa music like some Mystery Science Theater stripper film.

Every man should have a girlfriend like this once. They are however much better in memory than they ever were in real life.

A very buck naked Angelina Jolie gets the lets just be friends speech from a delicious albiet clothed Elizabeth Mitchell in this funny scene from Gia.

As this clip from Hell's Kitchen shows nothing says class like sex on the bathroom floor. Sadly no Gordon Ramsey cameo in this clip.

Angelina Jolie gets Danny Aiello to pay for her turkey sandwich in Mojave Moon. Angelina certainly made an impression in her longer years.

Danny Aiello enforces the Gas, Ass or Grass rule for potential hitchhikers.

Angelina Jolie throws herself at a wise and now reluctant Danny Aiello. Something tells me this woman is trouble.

Okay so its Angelina Jolie taking a shower in Mojave Moon. For an otherwise dull looking film it really does showcase a young Angelina Jolie quite well.

Antonio Banderas and Angeina Jolie make the sign of the two backed beast in the drama of the ages Original Sin. My question... what is going on with the cinemax porn music. Seriously can you imagine watching this in the theater and that music is playing through 20 odd speakers?

Now this is the proper music for a sex scene. Listen to the wonderful strings the haunting melodies. Glad to see the flick Taking Lives classing up the joint.

Pushing Tin is one of many films in the John Cusak ouevere I somehow missed during the ninties. Needless to say it is now on my to do list.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Famke Janssen

Every reviewer said Famke Jessen was wasted in the recent Liam Neeson vehicle Taken... I agree. This Goldeneye Bond villain shouldn't be playing kept woman divorcee shrew anytime soon.

She is a also known to fanboys as Jean Grey from the X-Men movies.

Famke Janssen 1990

Taken C
"Anyone who dresses their teenage daughter like that needs a preemptive visit from Pedobear."

Famke Janssen Cup
"Cup Runneth Over"

Taken E
"Dry cleaned shirt is a must for an A list star... Good going Liam"

Famke Janssen Final
"Final Watercolor"

Famke Janssen Football
"Are you ready for some football?"

Famke Janssen IBCF
"IBCF Sexy"

Famke Janssen League
"League of her own"

X2 Famke Janssen Halle Berry
"I guess it is better than letting Halle Berry drive"

Horror movie or no horror movie I would kill for storage like that in my apartment.

Famke Janssen has a strange reaction to the garbage bag at the end of the rainbow in 100 Feet.

I've heard of thinking of other guys while you are having sex but Famke Janssen seems to have this to a particularly creepy extreme.

Famke Janssen and Joely Richardson enjoy a lesbian kiss in this brief clip from Nip/Tuck. Keeping the television tradition of gorgeous woman kissing each other on basic cable alive.

In this scene from Lord of Illusions somehow actor Kevin J. Connor remembers his lines and just doesn't stare at Famke Janssen's chest.

Apparently among Wolverine's superpowers is the ability to snog Jean while still wearing his jeans in this clip from X-Men 3: The Last Stand.

Did Famke Janssen wear this dress through the entire movie? Well if something works why change it I guess.

Hey it is a cheesy Scott Bakula sex scene from Lord of Illusion. (And I do mean cheesy; it's as if they mixed a Mystery Science Theater Movie with the musical score and camera work from Dead Again.) Anywho... it's a cheesy Scott Bakula sex scene (complete with unconvincing tattoo.) now should I try out an Enterprise joke or go for the more classic Quantum Leap quip (or I could get really obscure and throw in a Murphy Brown reference)

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pell James

Pell James is an interesting actress with appearances in Surveillance, Zodiac and Fanboys. She didn't make much of an impression in Fanboys but honestly when you are next to Jaime King one tends to be overshadowed.

Pell James  Banks Fanboys
"Pell James Banks Fanboys"

Pell James Berman Fanboys
"Pell James Berman Fanboys"

Pell James Del Fanboys
"Pell James Del Fanboys"

Pell James Jaime King Doors Fanboys
"Pell James Jaime King Doors Fanboys"

Pell James Jaime King Giganteus Fanboys
"Pell James Jaime King Giganteus Fanboys"

Pell James Mildrette Fanboys
"Pell James Mildrette Fanboys"

Pell James Jaime King Pont Fanboys
"Pell James Jaime King Pont Fanboys"

Pell James Sam Fanboys
"Pell James Sam Fanboys"

Pell James Toro Fanboys
"Pell James Toro Fanboys"

Pell James Utube Surveillance
"Pell James Utube Surveillance"

Pell James Jaime King Zatosetron Fanboys
"Pell James Jaime King Zatosetron Fanboys"

I am always suspicious of couples where the guy is cuter than the girl especially when the guy is sporting Johnny Depp facial hair.

Pell James demonstrates the Shower Of Angst in The King.

Say what you want about this scene from The King they nail the cheap motel room down to a T.

"The ground isn't the only thing that is rock hard baby"... is a line I might have included in this scene from The King.

This scene with Pell James and Julia Ormond from Surveillance is in the running for clip of the month. At the very least the movie Surveillance is certainly headed to the top of the Netflix Que.

I actually like this scene from The King. It seems a surprisingly realistic sex scene that shows the inportance of at least a little foreplay before you run the ball all the way down the field.

The Shower Of Angst in The King part duex.

Pell James actually pulls of the model look in Undiscovered.

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