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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Carice van Houten

Carice van Houten appeared as Tom Cruise's wife in a thankless throwaway role in Valkyrie. I am however going to have to check out her performance in The Black Book (Zwartboek). I am a huge Paul Verhoeven fan and from what I have seen this film will not disappoint.

Carice van Houten List
"Carice van Houten List"

Carice van Houten Kit Black Book Nude
"Carice van Houten Kit Black Book"

Carice van Houten Aid Black Book Topless
"Carice van Houten Aid Black Book"

Carice van Houten Oregon
"Carice van Houten Oregon"

Well this is a clip (from The Black Book) that definitely fits the Naughty bits motif. I can't tell if she is waxing her pubic region or simply dying her pubic hair blond.

Despite the fiasco that was Showgirls, Paul Verhoeven knows how to direct a sex scene. Even one with Nazis. Needless to say the Black book remains on my need to watch list on Netflix.

Quick Scene from The Black Book. I only included it becuse of the brief cameo by Bigfoot. (That was Bigfoot no?)

Is that a gun between your legs or are you just happy to see me?... Oh dear.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that the dutch underground has found out about Carice van Houten's Nazi diddling ways. On a side note I am having a hard time remembering a film where the main character has her shirt ripped off and her tits exposed in seemingly every scene. Luckily for the audiance Miss van Houten's breasts are more than up for the challenge.

You know a scene like this from De Passievrucht would have livened Valkerie right the fuck up.

That is actress Halina Reijn frolicking nude with Carice van Houten in De Passievrucht.

About two thirds through this clip is a true WTF moment no? It is reminest of something from a bad sex education film or perhaps even a scene from Woody Allen's Everything You Wanted to Know about Sex but Were Afraid to Ask.

Now Carice van Houten is glowing like a Steven Spielberg McGuffin. De Passievrucht is one strange but interesting film.

If the American TV sitcom Friends were any good it would have had more funny scenes like this one.

Painting houses (and directing films) can often be a slog. That said I am sure that working with pot smoking topless woman takes some of the edge of a hard days work.

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