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Friday, June 18, 2010

Famke Janssen

Every reviewer said Famke Jessen was wasted in the recent Liam Neeson vehicle Taken... I agree. This Goldeneye Bond villain shouldn't be playing kept woman divorcee shrew anytime soon.

She is a also known to fanboys as Jean Grey from the X-Men movies.

Famke Janssen 1990

Taken C
"Anyone who dresses their teenage daughter like that needs a preemptive visit from Pedobear."

Famke Janssen Cup
"Cup Runneth Over"

Taken E
"Dry cleaned shirt is a must for an A list star... Good going Liam"

Famke Janssen Final
"Final Watercolor"

Famke Janssen Football
"Are you ready for some football?"

Famke Janssen IBCF
"IBCF Sexy"

Famke Janssen League
"League of her own"

X2 Famke Janssen Halle Berry
"I guess it is better than letting Halle Berry drive"

Horror movie or no horror movie I would kill for storage like that in my apartment.

Famke Janssen has a strange reaction to the garbage bag at the end of the rainbow in 100 Feet.

I've heard of thinking of other guys while you are having sex but Famke Janssen seems to have this to a particularly creepy extreme.

Famke Janssen and Joely Richardson enjoy a lesbian kiss in this brief clip from Nip/Tuck. Keeping the television tradition of gorgeous woman kissing each other on basic cable alive.

In this scene from Lord of Illusions somehow actor Kevin J. Connor remembers his lines and just doesn't stare at Famke Janssen's chest.

Apparently among Wolverine's superpowers is the ability to snog Jean while still wearing his jeans in this clip from X-Men 3: The Last Stand.

Did Famke Janssen wear this dress through the entire movie? Well if something works why change it I guess.

Hey it is a cheesy Scott Bakula sex scene from Lord of Illusion. (And I do mean cheesy; it's as if they mixed a Mystery Science Theater Movie with the musical score and camera work from Dead Again.) Anywho... it's a cheesy Scott Bakula sex scene (complete with unconvincing tattoo.) now should I try out an Enterprise joke or go for the more classic Quantum Leap quip (or I could get really obscure and throw in a Murphy Brown reference)

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