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Monday, June 7, 2010

Jenna Harrison

Jenna Harrison failed miserably to get the attention of either boy or the shark for that matter in 12 Days of Terror. But I hope the pictures below show that she can be somewhat comely lass.

Jenna Harrison Arfara
"Jenna Harrison Arfara"

Jenna Harrison Mac
"Jenna Harrison Mac"

Jenna Harrison Máel
"Jenna Harrison Máel"

Jenna Harrison Máele
"Jenna Harrison Máele"

Jenna Harrison Malindi Constituency
"Jenna Harrison Malindi Constituency"

Jenna Harrison Sechnaill
"Jenna Harrison Sechnaill"

Two naked girls playing in the shower and all I can think of is who is the blond with the Brazil jersey.

The French girl with the butterfly tattoo is Algina Lipkis. The movie is Natasha. The fantasy of "this is really what happens at sleepovers" is all mine. Needless to say Natasha has zoomed to the top of my much watch list.

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