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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Judy Greer

Judy Greer stole my something as the lust object in Adaptation. I have had a little crush on her ever since, and redheaded topless waitresses surrounded by orchids in general.

Judy Greer Arnold
"Judy Greer Arnold"

13 going on 30 B
"Cougar Patrol"

Judy Greer Dad
"Judy Greer Dad"

Judy Greer Dan
"Judy Greer Dan"

Judy Greer Gingrich Topless Nipples Adaptation
"Judy Greer Gingrich Adaptation"

Judy Greer Mount Alexander
"Judy Greer Mount Alexander"

Judy Greer Plesac
"Judy Greer Plesac"

Adaptation is one the best films of the last ten years. This scene was a a cherry on a sundae of win.

I have always been amazed by the fact that David Duchvony was in some sort of sex rehab while filming Californication. To me it would be as if you just entered AA and staring in Strange Brew. All that said I am not saying I myself snorted cocaine of a gourgous blond. I am just saying 1993 was an interesting year.

Strange this clip from What Planet are you From also reminds me of 1993.... and 1994 and 1995....

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