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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lena Headey

Lena Headey is currently seen in the Sarah Conner Chronicles. I remember her from both The Brothers Grimm and as the only thing in 300 that didn't make you think you accidentally went into the gay porn theater next door. (She played the queen.)

Lena Headey Austin
"Austin Water"

Lena Headey Beeson
Beeson Black Bra"

Lena Headey Lagraulière

Lena Headey Star
"Star shines on beauty"

Lena Headey Tate
"Purple Tate"

Lena Headey Wars
"Wars of Pleasure"

Unlike some of my uptight brethren I really enjoyed the movie 300. I have to say that Lena was a refreshing respite from all the macho posturing.

Great song during this clip of Aberdeen. I'm not sure if it is native to the film itself or was added after the fact.

Some woman can pull off the wander around the house topless scene. Lena Headey is one of those woman.

I have swam in a lake in Scotland. Honestly the water was so cold I half expected to see polar bears drifting by on their ice flows.

Lena Headley takes a bath in The Broken. I understand that "cold" lighting is often an artistic choice for the director; in my humble opinion though it is often overused to a fault and makes an otherwise grim film simply unbearable and ugly.

Lena Headey (every time I type her name I hear Harvey Korman's voice in my head "it's Headley") once again pulls off walking around the house naked, this time in The Broken. And no need to adjust your set there is sound on this clip. It simply is one of the quietest movies I have ever posted.

I read Edgar Allen Poe's The Tell Tale Heart. I don't remember this scene.

If I am going to hire someone to walk around my house naked I think I should go with experience over youth and hire me one Lena Headey. Though technically in this clip from The Parole Officer she isn't exactly walking.

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