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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Michelle Gomez

With a name like Gomez you just know she is a Glasgow girl. She can be seen in Green Wing, which is like a British Scrubs, but all the jokes are paid for by the government. (Just because a joke has layers doesn't mean it doesn't suck.)

She is best known in this household as that horrid shrew from The Acid House.

Michelle Gomez States The Acid House
"Michelle Gomez Reporter"

Michelle Gomez Decisions
"Michelle Gomez Decisions"

Michelle Gomez Bulacnin Taming of the Shrew a
"Michelle Gomez Bulacnin Taming of the Shrew"

Michelle Gomez Bengal
"Michelle Gomez Bengal"

I don't recall if English subtitles were an option when watching the The Acid House. Either way a mixed film with Gomez's episode certainly being the strongest link.

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