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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pell James

Pell James is an interesting actress with appearances in Surveillance, Zodiac and Fanboys. She didn't make much of an impression in Fanboys but honestly when you are next to Jaime King one tends to be overshadowed.

Pell James  Banks Fanboys
"Pell James Banks Fanboys"

Pell James Berman Fanboys
"Pell James Berman Fanboys"

Pell James Del Fanboys
"Pell James Del Fanboys"

Pell James Jaime King Doors Fanboys
"Pell James Jaime King Doors Fanboys"

Pell James Jaime King Giganteus Fanboys
"Pell James Jaime King Giganteus Fanboys"

Pell James Mildrette Fanboys
"Pell James Mildrette Fanboys"

Pell James Jaime King Pont Fanboys
"Pell James Jaime King Pont Fanboys"

Pell James Sam Fanboys
"Pell James Sam Fanboys"

Pell James Toro Fanboys
"Pell James Toro Fanboys"

Pell James Utube Surveillance
"Pell James Utube Surveillance"

Pell James Jaime King Zatosetron Fanboys
"Pell James Jaime King Zatosetron Fanboys"

I am always suspicious of couples where the guy is cuter than the girl especially when the guy is sporting Johnny Depp facial hair.

Pell James demonstrates the Shower Of Angst in The King.

Say what you want about this scene from The King they nail the cheap motel room down to a T.

"The ground isn't the only thing that is rock hard baby"... is a line I might have included in this scene from The King.

This scene with Pell James and Julia Ormond from Surveillance is in the running for clip of the month. At the very least the movie Surveillance is certainly headed to the top of the Netflix Que.

I actually like this scene from The King. It seems a surprisingly realistic sex scene that shows the inportance of at least a little foreplay before you run the ball all the way down the field.

The Shower Of Angst in The King part duex.

Pell James actually pulls of the model look in Undiscovered.

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