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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Suzanna Hamilton

Suzanna Hamilton is best known for her role in 1984. She also appeared in Out of Africa and the 1989 Hitchcockian thriller Never Come Back. Strangely enough I was only able to find pictures from the 1984 film.

Nineteen eighty four a
"1984 Suzanna Hamilton with John Hurt"

Suzanna Hamilton Eating Nude 1984
"Eating The Apple"

Suzanna Hamilton Field Topless 1984
"Topless Hills"

Suzanna Hamilton Lac de Chalain
"Lac de Chalain"

Suzanna Hamilton Red Cups 1984 Nude
"Nude Red Cups"

Suzanna Hamilton Swirl Nipple 1984
"Swirl Nipple"

Suzanna Hamilton Trees Full Frontal Nudity 1984
"Nude in Forest"

"The breasts are alive and they are coming towards us"

" I swear I had the exact same apartment on the forth floor at 71st and 1st in Manhattan in the early nineties.

I am officially shallow. I watch this serious scene from 1984 with Suzanna Hamilton and John Hurt and all I can think is to question why she didn't shave her armpits? Was it realism for the film (razors are very hard to come by) or was it a personal choice by the actress.

The idea of a morality police has always scared me. I often fear that segments of the American populace are a little to interested in what their neighbors do behind close doors.

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