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Monday, July 5, 2010

Keira Knightley

I gave an extra point or two for King Arthur due to Keira Knightley, whom also helped keep me awake while watching the third Pirates movie and is practically ethereal in Love Actually.

Keira also has some decent acting chops which is evident in various costume dramas such as Dr. Zhivago and Atonement.

King Arthur A
"Keira Knightley A Picnic gone bad"

Keira Knightley Adulterous
"Keira Knightley Adulterous Profumo Affair"

Keira Knightley at Home With
"Keira Knightley At Home With Nip Slip"

King Arthur B
"Keira Knightley B the Arrow"

Keira Knightley Benin
"Keira Knightley Benin"

King Arthur C
"Keira Knightley C and Shout"

King Arthur D
"Keira Knightley D Fairyland"

Keira Knightley Desmoxytes
"Keira Knightley Desmoxytes Negative"

Keira Knightley Enrique
"Keira Knightley Enrique Smile"

Keira Knightley Ezzatolah
"Keira Knightley Ezzatolah Flash"

Keira Knightley Faenius
"Keira Knightley Faenius"

Keira Knightley Fashion Plate
"Keira Knightley Fashion Plate"

King Arthur H
"Keira Knightley H Dagger at Ready"

Kiera panties
"Keira Knightley Panties of Polka"

Keira Knightley gets mad in Atonement and decides to show her anger by getting all wet and sexy... When woman get mad at me I usually end up ducking toasters.

Someone has a spinning camera and a generic Spanish ballad and Keira Knightly topless. Eh it works for me. Even though if you told me this was a Vanishing Point remake I wouldn't be surprised (on reflection I just found out there was a Vanishing Point remake after all. A TV movie with Viggo Mortensen

Kiera Knightly goes all Julie Christie in this ribald Dr. Zhivago remake.

Kiera Knightly in quite an erotic scene in Silk.

Keira Knightly plays a virgin bride (I think I haven't actually sat through the movie. I'm saving it for when I need some serious girlfriend points.) in The Duchess.

I liked the Edge of Love but honestly I didn't remember this scene. I am watching it again and am somewhat confused with all the triple exposure stuff.

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