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Monday, July 5, 2010

Random Game: Japanorama

Impact of Towers: Xbox Live Indie Game: Publisher Mr. Square. (or mrsquare as the e.e. cummings style publisher apparently insists.)

Japanorama is an XBOX Live indie thingy (game? no... Utility? not really... Screen saver? not exactly but closer.)

It has nine pictures of japan four of which are reproduced below. They are panoramic pictures but they don't exactly "transport your mind straight to the land of the rising sun!" as the blurb would have you believe.

That is it. Seriously. Why do people bother making this for the XBOX Indie service. Should I post some of my vacation snaps for a dollar? At least my vacation shots might include topless beaches or something else of prurient interest.

Score: Not worth even a dollar.

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Japanorama E
"For some reason the entire exercise reminds me of the Epcot movies that you have to sit through to go on the rides."

Japanorama A
"Boy I'm glad I got this game. I could never see woods like this otherwise. Any other exotic treats in store for the ears and eyes?"

Japanorama D
"Old people and trash in the canal... Japan is a magical place."

Japanorama C
" A street without cars will the wonders ever stop?"

Japanorama B
" Blue Christmas lights in an office park. Please feel free to rest if the foreignness is to overwhelming."

Japanorama F
An example of the kind of vacation snaps I would charge a dollar for... don't worry this one is on the house.


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